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As per the email sent out to NCLA Members yesterday, the NCLA Library located in the Cobourg Court House is CLOSED. MAG has suspended all lawyer access cards so you will not be able to enter the court house or the library using your cards. In the mean time, if you have a reference question, please feel free to contact the librarian via email. The Librarian is working remotely and has full access to her digital research tools. We have also created a section of the website for all of the Covid-19 updates, so please check it out to stay current: https://www.northumberlandlawassociation.com/covid-19-updates


NCLA Library will have no staff on-site effective tomorrow (Tuesday, March 17) and until 6 April 2020 notice as the COVID-19 situation evolves. The Librarian (me!) is still available by email (ncla [at] bellnet.ca), and will be around on social media (Twitter: @NCountyLawAssn Facebook: Northumberland County Law Association) if you want to get in touch regarding any burning reference questions you may have. I will be coming into the court house during non-peak times a couple times a week to make sure the photocopier has paper, the plants have water, and to get the mail. At this time, all CPD, social events, and Lunch & Learns are postponed, with new dates to come in the next few weeks. If you

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