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Court Information

The following information has been taken from the Ontario Ministry of the Attorney General's website
Court Office Hours
Monday to Friday, 9:00 am – 11:00 am and 2:00pm - 4:00pm
Parking is available on-site at no cost. There is no food and beverage service on-site. Self-serve coffee and refreshments are available for lawyers only in the Library/Lounge.


Contact Information

Cobourg Police

Telephone: (905) 372-6821

Crown Attorney

Telephone: (905) 372-8784

Family (Superior Court)

Telephone: (905) 372-3751

OPP (Brighton)

Telephone: (905) 475-1313

Small Claims (Superior Court)

Telephone: (905) 372-3751

Civil (Superior Court)

Telephone: (905) 372-3751

Criminal (Superior Court)

Telephone: (905) 372-3751

Enforcement (Superior Court)

Telephone: (905) 372-3751

OPP (Cobourg)

Telephone: (905) 372-5421

Port Hope Police

Telephone: (905) 885-8123

Accessibility Site Coordinator

Telephone: (905) 372-3751 ext. 112

Criminal Youth (Ontario Court)

Telephone: (905) 372-3751

Duty Counsel Office

Telephone: (905) 377-9159

Legal Aid Worker

Telephone: (905) 373-1498

Ontario Victims Services 

Telephone: (905) 373-4023

Court Forms

Legal Aid Ontario - Forms Library
Find forms for Accounts and billing, Block Fees, Case Management and Litigation.

Northumberland County Provincial Offences Court Forms

This site provides general information about the court process for provincial offences cases and access to the forms.

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